Sifu Julio Ferrer, West Coast
Director of Integrative Wing Chun.

So many people come to study Wing Chun for so many reasons and often find out that what they thought is often somewhat different or added upon once they have started their training.

For me, I found that Wing Chun provided through its theories a way for me to address and overcome problem solving and conflict resolution in a direct and efficient way and to have a way of thinking that encourages my continued growth and understanding of myself and the environment around me.

After years of training and more to come, I find that I use Wing Chun theory in just about everything I do or participate in. It is my hope that I can facilitate that learning experience in all of my students and propel them beyond my own skill.

Sifu Julio R. Ferrer, 2010

Teachers & Instructors

Sifu Isiah Sevenly started his martial arts experience at age 10 in Taekwondo, merely as a sport. He competed in several tournaments in the North West in sparring and forms to gold and silver medal finishes. After 3 years Isiah took a break from martial arts until the winter of 2000 when he discovered Sifu Julio Ferrer's Integrative Wing Chun. After 8 years of nonstop training he was made a Sifu in IWC Kung Fu in 2009. He is an instructor in the Belltown location and runs his own school at his home in West Seattle. Sifu Isiah shares his passion for Wing Chun and helps to inspire his students and brothers in martial arts.

"After being diagnosed with Diabetes at age 22, Wing Chun became an important part of my routine and way of life."
- Isiah T. Sevenly


Dai Sihing Dennis Echols, Jr. has been practicing Martial Arts since the age of five years old. His first exposure to Martial Arts was Kenpo Karate, which he studied for approximately two years. At the age of seven his brother introduced him to Western Boxing. Dennis began training with him at the Hillman City Boxing Gym, in the gang infested area of Rainier Valley in South Seattle, WA. It is needless to say that he had to start fighting at a young age as he was the smallest one in his neighborhood and he and his brother were sick of people bullying them. Dennis' father began practicing Wing Chun Original with Sifu Julio R. Ferrer in late 1988. Sifu Julio introduced his father to a multitude of different Martial Arts by attending many different seminars. His father had requested that Sifu Julio begin training Dennis in
Wing Chun Original; however Sifu Julio refused to train him as he said he was too young and Wing Chun was far too dangerous for a kid of his age to learn. Dennis' father forced him to come to class with him. At first he just sat on the bench in the back of the class. After a while he began sneaking off the bench and mimicking the movements of Sifu Julio. He did this for about one year. Sifu Julio took notice of this behavior and in late 1989 when he was just about 10 years old he chose to train him in Wing Chun Original. Dennis is proud to say he is the first child that Sifu Julio has ever trained.
He has trained in Kenpo Karate, Western Boxing, Escrima, Capoeira, Silat, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, Wing Chun Original, Marine Corps Line Training and Intergrated Wing Chun. He is a Defensive Tactics Field Instructor (DTFI). He instructs law enforcement officers in Defensive Tactics. (Control tactics, Level 1, 2, and 3 tactics, and brace contact for weapon retention)