Sifu Julio Ferrer, West Coast
Director of Integrative Wing Chun.

So many people come to study Wing Chun for so many reasons and often find out that what they thought is often somewhat different or added upon once they have started their training.

For me, I found that Wing Chun provided through its theories a way for me to address and overcome problem solving and conflict resolution in a direct and efficient way and to have a way of thinking that encourages my continued growth and understanding of myself and the environment around me.

After years of training and more to come, I find that I use Wing Chun theory in just about everything I do or participate in. It is my hope that I can facilitate that learning experience in all of my students and propel them beyond my own skill.

Sifu Julio R. Ferrer, 2010


  • Yip Man
  • Leung Sheung
  • Ng Wah Sum
  • Chung Kwok Chow
  • Julio Ferrer (Wu Liu)


The Integrative Wing Chun maxim by Sigung Chung Kwok Chow:

Peace mind with flowing chi. Energy comes from the ground.
Lower base, upright body. Agile front leg, heavy back leg.
Center line is shortest. Defense before offense.
Body follows the hands, hands also follow body.
Face the target at all time, watch the gates at all time.
Stick to the coming strike. Feel it before judge it.
Combine inch-power and whipping powers, they go inner door and outer door.
Power comes, deflect it. Power retreats, follow it. Use Wu, Pak, Tan, Bong wisely.
Runaway hand asks for a strike. Choose fist, palm, elbow, fingers accordingly.
Trapped hand responds with elbow, trapped elbow responds with hand.
Use simultaneous techniques, blocking works like striking.
Triangular Sam Kwok Ma footwork, angular beats linear.
After passing 3 phases, victory is nearby.
Conserve your chi, reserve your energy. Save them for opportunities.
No hand use leg, no leg use body.
Wing Chun is a spirit for body and mind.
Benefit from learning and teaching, cherish the skill for life.